Monday, June 6, 2011

Nak kelihatan cantik,menarik dan sihat

Posted by Siti Zarith Iylia at 6:22 PM
i've been thinking on how to get rid of my flabby jellies and spare tires?

hmmm...i've heard about herbal helps to reduce weight so fast but akan kembali ke bentuk asal dua kali ganda lebih besar kalau tak teruskan...(this is not to that the herbal life is not good but i saw it happened to few of my friends they became double the size...huhuhu..ngeri je nak try )then i tried to go to london weight management once for the trial treatment...there goes the process...first, they will call me for consultant and promoting their package.Then, they asked me to open my cloths to see my body...huhuhu...after that, the consultant will asked me to wear panties which looks like G-string(without upper wear ok!:(... )...she took my weight scale and asked to lie down for scrub...then,she leave me inside the sauna for 15minutes...i don't like sauna because it's too hot and uncomfortable...huhu...after the sauna, she asked me to take shower and scale again...i lose 2kg on that day and to maintain that weight, i may need to cut down all my many pantang-larang.Yeah,i agree yang memang happy tengok berat turun 2kg but to cut down my foods is suffering sangat...sampai menggigil tangan,kaki and badan.

actually,a few months before all this things happened, my sister and few friends tried to used the Premium Beautiful corset and lactolite for health and shape their body...amazingly,they lose weight easily without need to do the pantang-larang eatings...and now,i'm trying one...

to all my friends, don't be afraid to try because money can be earn and at the same time health also important to us.

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