Monday, June 20, 2011

Semester 3 Master result

Posted by Siti Zarith Iylia at 9:14 AM 3 comments

Good Morning!

Today, i want to share good news with all of you. =)

Last friday, UITM result for (Degree/Master/PHD) were announced through the email and UITM website.

I am so afraid to look at the result because last semester was the toughest semester for me because this is the first time i took 3 subjects and one of my teammate giving birth.

I have 2 teammate since the first day.We are struggling to finish all the assignments and projects..=(..Can you imagine every week we have to submit at least one assignment for each subject?..We are not doing fulltime study but we are doing part time study.On weekdays,we go to work as normal and on weekends,we go to class for the whole day.

And i guess,with all my hardwork..Allah has helped me to go through all this with patience.

Alhamdulliah,for the result for this hardworking.i managed to get an "A+" for all 3 subjects which equivalence to 4 flat.

The first time in my life i got an "A+" for all subjects.I never thought this will happened.

I will work hard for the next 2 semesters. For Mimi Marisa and Liyana, thank you for being there since the first day.I appreciated the hardworking that we have done.

For Zarin who always accompany me for binding the assignment and projects , during the study group at Mimi's house until late at night and helping me with the ideas,i really appreciated it. You gave me strength when i'm down and moral support to go through all this until what i have now.

For my family,thank you for the support and 'doa'. I promise,i will work harder.

Thank you all !!

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