Monday, June 20, 2011

Semester 3 Master result

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Good Morning!

Today, i want to share good news with all of you. =)

Last friday, UITM result for (Degree/Master/PHD) were announced through the email and UITM website.

I am so afraid to look at the result because last semester was the toughest semester for me because this is the first time i took 3 subjects and one of my teammate giving birth.

I have 2 teammate since the first day.We are struggling to finish all the assignments and projects..=(..Can you imagine every week we have to submit at least one assignment for each subject?..We are not doing fulltime study but we are doing part time study.On weekdays,we go to work as normal and on weekends,we go to class for the whole day.

And i guess,with all my hardwork..Allah has helped me to go through all this with patience.

Alhamdulliah,for the result for this hardworking.i managed to get an "A+" for all 3 subjects which equivalence to 4 flat.

The first time in my life i got an "A+" for all subjects.I never thought this will happened.

I will work hard for the next 2 semesters. For Mimi Marisa and Liyana, thank you for being there since the first day.I appreciated the hardworking that we have done.

For Zarin who always accompany me for binding the assignment and projects , during the study group at Mimi's house until late at night and helping me with the ideas,i really appreciated it. You gave me strength when i'm down and moral support to go through all this until what i have now.

For my family,thank you for the support and 'doa'. I promise,i will work harder.

Thank you all !!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Digi Data Center

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Today is my first time going in to the Server room at Digi. Selama ni,I just heard people said that the server room is so damn cold but today i experienced myself in the server room.

What people said is true.The server room was so cold until i'm shivering to death...=)

Kalau tak kerana nak backup tape for billing purposes, tak dapat la saya masuk and experienced semua ni. Rupanya,susah juga nak masuk dalam server room. Guard jaga macam ada harta yang sangat bernilai dalam bilik tu...huhu...Oleh kerana saya baru pertama kali nak masuk, kena la soal dengan ketua guard. Macam pendatang asing pon ada...huhu...=(

This is how the server room looks like. The room was so noisy with all the servers sound.I can't hear anything that my colleague say..huhu..Can you imagine?

This is our billing server looks like.I thought it is small but as you can see it is big.Bigger than me...hehehe...=)

This is the whole server for billing.There are lots and lots of servers inside this room.Imagine how many there are...

Have you guys experience this? This experience is unforgettable to me...=)

X-men First Class

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The X-men First Class Poster

Last night i went to watched the X-men First Class movie at the Cineleisure Damansara with Zarin.

Guess what,the tickets are selling fast..huhu...So, we have to buy 11.50pm ticket because both of us really waited for this movie.For those who followed the movie, maybe you guys also waiting like us..hehe...;=) ..Sanggup tau tunggu 2 jam dekat Cineleisure semata-mata nak tonton cerita X-men ni...=)

Movie X-men ni best tapi disebabkan dah lewat malamkan...mata dah mengantuk jadi tak de la focus sangat...hehe..What i like most are the charaters inside the movie.Really impressing and love it!..The characters are full with actions and super powers...bila ada action je semua orang macam "WoW...huyyooo...."heheh...

So, guys go and watch this won't regret it.Betol....tak tipu...=)

Here are the summary of the movie.

"X-MEN: FIRST CLASS brings together the epic scale and action of a summer blockbuster with a character-driven story that unveils the beginning of the X-men saga - and a secret history of the Cold War and our world at the brink of nuclear Armageddon.As the first class discovers,harnesses,and comes to terms with their formidable powers,alliances are formed that will shape the eternal war between the heroes and villains of the X-men universe.Like all great X-men stories,X-MEN:FIRST CLASS takes and ambitious themes and issues while offering a rich and personal look at an unusual superhero team."

Monday, June 6, 2011

Nak kelihatan cantik,menarik dan sihat

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i've been thinking on how to get rid of my flabby jellies and spare tires?

hmmm...i've heard about herbal helps to reduce weight so fast but akan kembali ke bentuk asal dua kali ganda lebih besar kalau tak teruskan...(this is not to that the herbal life is not good but i saw it happened to few of my friends they became double the size...huhuhu..ngeri je nak try )then i tried to go to london weight management once for the trial treatment...there goes the process...first, they will call me for consultant and promoting their package.Then, they asked me to open my cloths to see my body...huhuhu...after that, the consultant will asked me to wear panties which looks like G-string(without upper wear ok!:(... )...she took my weight scale and asked to lie down for scrub...then,she leave me inside the sauna for 15minutes...i don't like sauna because it's too hot and uncomfortable...huhu...after the sauna, she asked me to take shower and scale again...i lose 2kg on that day and to maintain that weight, i may need to cut down all my many pantang-larang.Yeah,i agree yang memang happy tengok berat turun 2kg but to cut down my foods is suffering sangat...sampai menggigil tangan,kaki and badan.

actually,a few months before all this things happened, my sister and few friends tried to used the Premium Beautiful corset and lactolite for health and shape their body...amazingly,they lose weight easily without need to do the pantang-larang eatings...and now,i'm trying one...

to all my friends, don't be afraid to try because money can be earn and at the same time health also important to us.

For more details, consultation,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So Happy..

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Good Morning all!

Arini rasa happy sangat sebab family datang KL and tak sabar nak pergi bercuti ke Melaka esok.

Yeay!!!....Dah lama rasanya tak bercuti dengan family.Hmmm...Sejak dah berkerja,susah nak kumpulkan semua adik-beradik serentak.Semua sibuk dengan kerja masing-masing.Jadi,peluang yang ada jangan disia-siakan!..hehehe...

Actually,we're going to Malacca because Kak Cydee is getting married.Congrats to Kak Cydee and Husband on your marriage. Sambil menyelam minum air..hehehe..dapat la makan seafood nanti.Dah lama tak makan seafood.nyum...nyum...nyum...

Sempena birthday Agong yang jatuh pada hari sabtu, agaknya semua company dapat cuti ganti ke esok? Harap-harap semua dapat la kan...

Nanti saya upload pictures lepas saya balik dari Melaka ya.

Have a nice holiday and weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Entry

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Welcome To My Blog!

First time using the blogspot. Quite difficult at first but i'm using the concept of try and error..hehehe...;)

So,this is the result!

Hope you guys will like it.


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